Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun in UT!

The kids and I have been BUSY!  We are loving Utah and being able to visit family and friends but we are missing Adam like crazy.  Can't wait until he gets in on Wednesday for the rest of the trip!

We came home to this awesome sign!
Mykee and Evan played with Drew and Grace like they'd never been apart!

Uncle Zack, Emmie, and Evan at the Splash Pad in Providence
Papa Mike and Drew
Papa Mike got his work clothes SOAKED!!
Papa Mike and Chilly Gracie

Emmie didn't like the grass on her legs much...

Watch how excited Evan gets...

This is the tent the kids are sleeping in each night- they love it!
Bear Lake 5K!

The four of us and Dad went to Bear Lake for a few hours on Saturday the 2nd... It was insanely busy, but beautiful!

I may have edited the color on this pic a little, but it looks how it felt to be there- does that make sense??

Drew and Mykee out jumping around

 Our spot was on a little Island in front of the people on the main beach... We kind of jumped in where there was room!

 Andrew and Mykelle are the two little dots you can see out there!
Driving home was much smoother than the ride there!

Swimsuits?  Who needs them?

Shaylee's first birthday and Father's Day celebration!
Logan Fireworks on cousin Clinton's front lawn.  Andrew, Mykelle, Evan, and Isabelle
Our 4 feet of space at the Hyrum Parade on the 4th of July!
Yep, they spilled Cheerios and raisins in the dirty gutter and are eating them... Instead of being a good mom and getting them to stop, I took a picture.  
The Bassetts and Taryl came (doesn't Taryl look like she's having a blast?)

I couldn't believe how packed the parade was!  It was really fun and there was a LOT of candy!

They CAN share!
Papa Skip made a surprise appearance and joined us for fun after the parade!
Evan loved the bounce houses at the Hyrum square after the parade.  Mykee was too scared of this slide to go down! 
Evan had NO fear and took this giant steep slide without hesitation!  Then he tried to climb right back up for seconds!
Uncle Jake bouncing the kids on the neighbor's tramp!

Watching the fireworks at Uncle Jesse and Aunt Sophie's BBQ

Willow Park Zoo with Nana Anne
Feeding the ducks and fish
Grandparents Nancy and Don came for a visit with Uncle Russell and Aunt Christy with her son Troy

Wow, way too many activities and pictures!  I wish I had the time and energy to write just after each event happened!

Two and 1/2 weeks here, 5 and 1/2 left to go!  I have missed Utah but find that I also miss NJ quite a bit... Except for the humid heat!  I love this weather- cool mornings and evenings with the days just right.  And AIR CONDITIONING!  Not those noisy humid window AC units we have at home.  Yep, Utah for the summer is a great thing :)