Sunday, April 8, 2012


Yesterday Adam took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at Heaven Hills Farm.  I stayed home so I could get some rest but I got to hear all about the trip in this video when the kids came home...

It really looks and sounds like it was a ton of fun!  Did you see the dirt on Mykelle's face??  They came home smelling like farm animals and covered in dust and dirt!

Adam did say he talked with the kids about the true meaning of Easter on the way to the hunt.  He made it a good long story full of detail and when he got to the part of Jesus dying on the cross Mykelle started sobbing!  He said it was so sad, because he was driving and couldn't comfort her in the back seat but she was crying her little heart out, upset that Jesus had been killed by mean guys!  Adam tried to tell her the story ended well, but it took a bit for her to calm down.  What a tender hearted little girl we have!  

This photo just says pure excitement to me!
Waiting for the hunt to begin!  At the end of the day Mykelle said her favorite part was getting to run for the eggs!

The kids were able to participate in FOUR hunts throughout the day!  They came home exhausted, happy, and sunburned.  Adam said by the fourth hunt there were a ton of people there and only a few eggs per kid. 

The REAL Easter Bunny!!
Yeah, it's a Halloween sign, but do they care??

Mykelle's favorite tea cup ride

Look at their faces!  

I can see Evan in the masses, but I'm not sure where Mykee is!  Adam said she would just take off running and it was all he could do to keep an eye on both kids!
Soon after they all came home from their day in the sun (not as sunburned as Adam, but with rosy noses and cheeks) we dyed eggs.  Evan kept asking how we were going to "die" eggs, even though I'd explained to him 10 times what DYEING eggs meant.  

Later that night we thought they'd be ready to crash especially knowing the Easter Bunny was coming in the morning but they weren't about to slow down! 

When they finally crashed Adam and I got out the Easter stuff and had it all ready for the morning. 

Evan tried to wake me and Adam up before his clock said 7 this morning but we made him wait those extra ten minutes before waking up Mykelle and heading downstairs!  We had a good morning finding eggs and baskets before heading off to church.  

Don't Mykee and I look like twins eating our Peeps the same way and making the same face?
When we came home we played out in the backyard with the neighbors hiding eggs for a bit before heading over to our Bishop's house for a wonderful Easter dinner (Sister Adams is a Southern Belle and therefore knows how to cook the most delicious meals! Isn't it a requirement to know how to cook if you grow up in the South?)  Mykelle ran right up to Sister Adams and said, "Your grandkids are here!"  It's so cute how attached both kids are- Evan likes to call her Nana Adams and Mykelle started crying when we left, saying she wanted to stay for breakfast!  

Evan's Idea of a Disney Cruise