Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night with the Wingers

  Friday nights at the Winger household aren't usually too crazy, but tonight was fun.  Adam came home to two cranky kids and me filling a pinata with candy for Mykelle's "Fabulous Four Year Olds" party tomorrow... No dinner.  What, me cook on a Friday night??  No way.  But, since Adam had already eaten pizza for a lunch party at work, dinner was a tough one.  We decided to head to a fast food place with a play area so the kids could get out and Adam and I could maybe have a conversation. 

   On our way there we passed a carnival in a parking lot on Route 46- Adam said, "Hey, we should go there!" and I said, "Yeah, we should!" So he swerved and turned into the lot.  It was so fun!  And how strange to see this carnival of rides, games, and unhealthy fair type food in the middle of a shopping center.  Maybe it's a New Jersey thing?  I've seen it there before and it's a fundraiser for the police department.  We went on two rides, played a few games, and won some prizes.  And we had dessert first- a funnel cake! 

   Evan won a snake doing the ring toss and marshmallow toss into glasses.  When we went home and had the kids in the bath Evan had to take the snake with him.  He was really into swimming the snake around in the tub when he started saying, "Ahhhh, the snake eat my penis!" with corresponding actions.  Adam and I had a good laugh, it's funny what a two-year-old comes up with on his own! 

   Mykelle had her 4 year well-child check today.  She didn't do so well... she failed the hearing tests, couldn't do the eye tests,  wasn't able to pee into the cup ( "Ewww, that's gross Mom!"), is in the 90th percentile for BMI, which is considered "overweight," screamed like crazy when she received her Tetanus shot, and could not get her MMR vaccine because I am not allowed to be around children recently vaccinated with live-virus vaccines.  Poor girl!  She failed the hearing test very likely because she has a slight cold with fluid in her ears and the eye test was performed by an incompetent nurse.  And as far as the overweight thing goes, she's FOUR!  She is just big for her age and will be just fine.  However, I could probably stop with the pizza/fast food Fridays- for all of us, and not just her! :)  I am supposed to treat her for ear infections, then bring her back in two weeks to see if she passes the hearing test.  I imagine she'll pass with flying colors.

   Mykelle has said some of the funniest things lately.  Here are a few of them: 

Adam asked her, "Is Mommy mean sometimes?" and she answered, "Mommy pretends to be mean sometimes.  She's really nice." Good answer huh?  Smart girl.

The other day Mykee fell and scraped her knees a bit getting out of the car.  She started inching along toward the house and said, "I have to walk really slow because I have ouchy legs like Grandma."  I hope Mom thinks that's funny because I did!  She was walking so painstakingly slow- it was so sweet!

Evan pushed Mykelle playfully and she started crying.  She yelled, "Evan pushed me!  Please give me a hug Evan, because you pushed me?"  So he hugged her and she immediately started smiling through her tears and said, "We're best friends!" 

Evan and his advancing language skills is quite funny to listen to also.  Both he and Mykelle have been intrigued by witches lately, after watching the movie, Witches.   Evan pretends to be turning into a mouse like the boy in the movie and he starts twirling in circles while slowly "shrinking" down to the ground saying, "A mouse!  I turning into a mouse!"  Then he usually turns himself back into "Emen" again.  We were at the mall the other day and Evan was so surprised by the mannequins that didn't have any heads.  He pointed and said, "Witches- turn me into stone and cut off my head?"  How do you answer that question and still keep a straight face when he's looking at you so earnestly??  Adam and I got a good laugh later after we told him that witches wouldn't do that to him.  He seemed to accept that answer well enough. 

The other night Evan and Mykelle were brushing their teeth after being in the bathtub so they didn't have any clothes on yet.  I finished up with brushing Mykelle's teeth when I turned to Evan.  I couldn't see his toothbrush!  I turned to Adam and asked if he'd taken it when Evan asked, "In my bum?"  Adam and I slowly turned to Evan with eyes wide... Is his toothbrush in his BUM?!!  Why yes, it is.  Where else would a naked two year old boy think to put a toothbrush?  At least he was clean after the bath and he used the end without the bristles...  I love my son, but I wonder how my mom did it with three boys! 


Easter was fun this year.  The kids are finally old enough to enjoy the excitement of the Easter Bunny and Mykelle is old enough to be interested in the Resurrection.  Adam spontaneously told the story of Easter to the kids and Mykelle hasn't let it go since.  She has several times brought up that Jesus was dead once, but he only died once and then came back to life three days later.  So now we only have to die once and then we can live forever with him and our families.  Isn't that a cute understanding?  A little side note: Mykee was upset at her Joy School teacher on Monday because she said Mykelle only had one brother.  But Mykee has TWO brothers, Evan and Jesus, as she often likes to say.  I tried to explain to her that the teacher wasn't being mean but only talking about her brother Evan.

Mykelle was scared of the bunny... Can you blame her??

The actual Easter morning and egg/basket hunt were kind of anticlimactic.  I expected my kids to be more excited when they woke up Sunday morning to find all of the eggs and their baskets we had hidden the night before.  As it was, they were excited but it passed quickly and they were only interested in how much candy they could stuff in their bellies before we decided to take the candy away and ration it out.  By the way, they ate A LOT!  They could have cared less about the clothes they received, or the coloring books.  But they did like their egg-suckers and marshmallow soccer balls.

Chocolate bunny!
I have to thank Grandma Roxie for the fun Easter package she sent (and Papa Mike too!).  The eggs with candy and money in them were a large part of the Sunday morning fun.  Plus, there were some surprises for Mom and Dad too!  Evan is really into coins and was very excited to find "treasure" in some of his eggs.

Making Easter decorations, compliments of Nana Anne
She liked to peel the back off of the stickers, stick them on the foam, and then glue the backs onto the top of the stickers.

Dyeing eggs!
Evan and Mykelle probably had more fun on Saturday at our ward Easter/Primary activity.  The Primary kids were rewarded for reading their scriptures every night- they had filled up 1/3 of the bulletin board with little fish with their names on it and for each third they earn an activity.  It started with a craft of Jesus's tomb made out of paper plates with a section that rolls away so you can place little paper people in and around it while the story is told (pasted on the back).  It was cute, but chaotic with 35 kids in one small room trying to play with scissors, glue, and markers... Then, they watched the Easter movie while eating popcorn and afterward were allowed to search the church for candy/sticker filled Easter eggs (it was raining outside).  It was a good activity- spiritual, fun, and food was involved!

Evan and his best friend Johnny

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mykee the Ninja, Soccer Player, and Dancer!

I have felt a lot of guilt over the lack of attention Mykelle and Evan have received over this past winter.  Yes, it's true that I had a good reason for the lack, but a good reason won't give them back those six months of being 3 and 2 years old!  I've been trying to fit as much as I can into my time with them, while at the same time realizing I sometimes need my own down time (so starting the movie Tangled for the twentieth time would probably be okay).   During one of my ambitious moments I stopped by the Recreation Department in my town and signed the kids up for classes.  Mykelle is in three, Evan is in one (most classes are for 3-5 year olds). 

Mykee's first class is called Lil' Ninjas and is on Monday nights (don't worry, it's from 4-5 so there is still plenty of time for dinner and Family Night!).  Of all the classes she was most involved and "into" this one.  We arrived about 5 minutes early to the Martial Arts studio and my first thought was that I would not want to be in this area of town in the dark...  Then we walked up some creepy stairs in an old dark building to arrive in a dingy studio room that looked to be 100 years old.  I was worrying that maybe this was not the best class to sign Mykee up for but she of course didn't even notice!  She immediately took her shoes off and ran out onto the mat with the other kids.  I do love that she is not shy!
Mykelle is in black and pink, holding hands with Olivia on her right

Mykelle made friends with Olivia, a triplet that's taking the class for the second time with her sisters.  It was so cute to see Mykee holding hands with another girl she'd just met and to see how happy they seemed to make each other. 

Mykelle's version of a push-up (they weren't taught how to do them, just told to do them!)

The instructor was an older man (I'd guess 60-65) and was quite cranky- though he pretended to be joking with the kids.  I was really looking forward to a class with a respectable Sensei that would teach Mykelle a disciplined art to be used against people only when defending herself or others.  Instead, the class is teaching her to be yelled at if she doesn't follow directions and "sit on the white line!" for almost twenty minutes while watching two classmates play "Sumo."  How many barely 4 year olds do you know that can sit still for twenty minutes, let alone on a line watching other kids play?!  The Sensei kept yelling at two or three kids that couldn't follow directions (they were NOT disobeying on purpose, they're just young!).  Two kids were forced to either sit alone on the mat or with their parents, and one child was told repeatedly by Sensei, "I'm gonna punch you out!"  And the parents just laugh, because Sensei was laughing, pretending to be joking.  I do not want Mykelle thinking she can use her new talents to "punch out" any of her friends!

Karate moves while counting to ten in Japanese

Mykelle's Awesome Kicks

Mykelle would rather talk to Max and Olivia than sit still on the white line and watch her classmates!

It wasn't all bad though.  When they were practicing their moves the kids were really into it.  They counted to ten in Japanese and with each number they did the movement that corresponded.  This part Mykee really enjoyed.  She was very good at copying the sound of the number and yelling it loudly.  Her punches were pretty good, her kicks were terrible but super cute.  She loved the class, and is looking forward to going back.  I will give it another shot and see if the instructor improves. 

Mykelle's second class is called Goal-den Kickers.  Yeah, it's a soccer class!  I was of course super excited to get her in this class but it has been her least favorite.  It's an hour long which is already hard for her and she's supposed to keep the ball with her at all times- it turns out that this is VERY hard for her!  She is often seen running around carrying the ball in her arms or just running without it! 

Just chillin'
Mykee Roaring!  Notice, without the ball
Best picture- following directions AND has a ball!
Soccer?  Who needs soccer when you have a net to walk on!?

Pouting because I told her to go play.

Straddling the cones- all of the other kids were supposed to be sitting and listening to the coaches (at least Mykee is not the only one that can't follow directions!)
The first class was so funny to watch.  Mykee went right out and started playing without any pushing from Adam and I.  But then Evan wanted to go out too.  It was sad to have to tell Evan he couldn't go play ball with his sister because he was too young!  Adam ended up taking Evan outside while I stayed with Mykee just so he wouldn't throw a fit.  After about 1/2 hour of playing Mykelle was done.  She kept coming over to the sideline to sit with me and would run out to play for about 3 minutes before she'd come right back over to me.  It was the same thing last night, her second time at the class. 

 Just ignore the blurry ending, I thought I stopped the camera!

Believe it or not, Mykelle was actually WORSE the second class than she was the first week!  The coaches this time were much better with kids but I think they made her too excited to play- They kept pretending they were animals and would run around the field acting like lions or elephants while dribbling the ball.  Mykee just ran around roaring or waving her trunk a lot! At least she was cute doing it huh?  We'll have to see if anything changes by the end of 8 weeks...

Mykelle's third class is a Creative Movement class.  It's supposed to expose children to a variety of music and dance moves and types.   I don't know that it will give the kids much exposure to variety but they will have fun goofing around together.  Mykelle is in the class with one of her best friends Calista (she's dressed in red and white with the beautiful long blond curly locks).  The instructor has dance experience and is a Special Education elementary teacher so she deals well with these young kids.

Mykee and Calista had to be reminded/told a few times to follow the teacher and not do their own type of dancing.  Calista likes to float around and do fancy sweet ballet type twirls and jumps while Mykelle likes to jump around to the beat and run like crazy.  Gratefully this teacher doesn't mind a little craziness and was not threatening to punch anyone out! 

Evan's class is a Mommy and Me reading and craft class on Wednesday mornings.  I am excited to try it out next week while Mykelle is at preschool.  From the description we will be reading a story and then doing a small craft together for about 45 minutes.  Sounds like some good one-on-one time for Evan and me. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mykelle's New Song

I came home from grocery shopping today and was welcomed by hugs and kisses from my two kids.  They were so excited to see me!  What a way to get a lift after being in Walmart and Sam's Club for a few hours... I wonder when it changes that kids stop being excited when their parents come home?

Mykelle was so excited to sing to me her "new song."  She launched into it, and here are some of the words as best I can remember:

I love my Mommy, she is so sweet
I love her so much and we love each other
Forever on Earth
I love my Mommy on Earth
Indivisible I love her and we love each other
I love my Mommy

And her sweet little face, so intent on singing this song for me with a little smile and bright blue eyes...  I wanted to cry right there!  So I told her she was amazing and tried to sear the memory into my mind.  I am going to see if she'll sing another version of it later that I can record and try adding it to the blog...  That bit of tech might just be beyond me, but I'm trying to be more creative lately so we'll see!

 Wow, that was seriously easy.  I am embarrassed that I thought it might be beyond my capabilities!  So the new Mommy Song is not quite as earnest and sweet as the first one, but you get the idea.  It was cute to see Evan trying to sing his own song because I've never really seen that (though he does a great version of Twinkle Twinkle).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Sucking Thumbs

I would SO love to take credit for this or get some sort of Mother of the Year Award but it was all Mykelle.  She was able to stop sucking her thumb almost OVERNIGHT!  Anyone who knows Mykelle or has been around her for even a couple hours knows that Mykelle is (was:) a thumb-sucker.  And since this winter and my repeated hospital trips it had become much worse.  I would see it all hours of the day, especially when she was tired.

I tried asking her to stop, telling her she was allowed to do it only during nap and nighttime, I got angry with her- nothing seemed to work.  So I looked up online how to help a child quit and many sites say to let it stop naturally and it will usually go away around age 3-5.  Hmmm, it had only been getting worse with Mykelle!

I did end up finding one article online that half made me think it was a joke, and half made me want to try its suggestions.  It said to talk to your child and explain it all- that thumb-sucking damages teeth and gums, that other children will make fun of her, and that it's not a grown-up thing to do.  The article then suggested to tell your child that you, the parent, are "there for her" to help her quit and all she has to do is ask you for help when the time comes that she wants to quit.  I laughed at the article but thought it wouldn't hurt to do all that so I sat Mykee down and we had a chat.  I covered all of the above and the thing she caught onto the most was that her friends would tease her and say she was a baby.

I then took the advice of another article that said to play a game with it- create a "secret" signal shared between child and parent to use when the child forgets and sucks her thumb.  My signal was to stick my tongue out at her and she'd remember.  We had a good time doing that the rest of the day and that night she did her best not to suck.  Throughout the next day we played the secret signal game and I reinforced what we had talked about, and by the end of the day she was DONE.  Can you believe that?  DONE!  I even created a new signal for the following day (finger in my ear with a wink) and never had to use it because she just stopped.  I thought it was a fluke and wouldn't last (though I hoped desperately) but it did last!  It's been over a week and I have not seen that thumb go into her mouth- even when I wake her up in the middle of the night to check on her and she goes back to sleep!

I am amazed that she could stop such a built-in habit.  She has been sucking her thumb since she was only a few weeks old!  Four years of habit... GONE just like that!  I am so happy she did it!  And I want to tell her every day, but then I don't want to remind her of it.  So I will tell my blog and hope I don't jinx it by writing about it too early.  What a strong girl you are Mykelle!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mykelle's Birthday

Today is Mykelle's birthday, she is 4 years old!  I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone and how much has happened in those four years!  Adam was reading in his journal last night about the week Mykelle was born and we were surprised by what we'd forgot.  She was such a good baby and is still a very good little girl.

We ended up having our family party for Mykee a little early this year because Papa Skip was in town and we thought it would be nice to do it with him here.  Adam and I started her "birthday" the night before by decorating the house.

When she woke up she had to walk out of her bedroom through streamers that reached the floor.  It was almost like Christmas morning watching the looks on her and Evan's faces!  They checked out the presents and cards and all of the balloons on the floor then went to check out the cake in the kitchen.

Mykelle LOVED her Rapunzel cake!  I was not feeling up to making her a cake myself, so I went out and bought one from the bakery and also bought a small Rapunzel doll.  I had to use the cardboard packaging for the tower- for a cake that took five minutes to put together I must say it turned out well!  It was delicious and Mykelle loved it, what more could we ask for?

I know that usually people make their child's favorite breakfast for their birthdays but if you asked Mykee she would say cereal is her favorite.  Then if you asked if maybe it was french toast, she'd say that was her favorite.  Or if you asked if waffles were her favorite, she'd say yes, that one!  So, I decided for her and I may have just started a new tradition:  pink blueberry waffles served with pink milk and whipped cream.  The whipped cream was for the waffles but the kids wanted it on their pink milk, so they got it :)

After breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day we went to Chuck E Cheese's for play and lunch. We drove about 20 minutes to the local Chuck E's and after pumping the kids up to get them excited, here's what we found:

Empty!  They'd torn it down since we'd been there last!  Needless to say, we had two very unhappy kids in the backseat.  So we quickly looked up the next closest Chuck E's and drove another twenty minutes to a nicer one.  We had a lot of fun eating and playing with the games.

Mykee and Evan turned their ticket winnings into candy- Smartees and Fun Dip.  Adam and I had fun introducing them to the joys of Fun Dip as you can see in the pics!

After a nice nap for everyone- kids, parents and papa included, the kids played with Adam while Skip and I made one of Mykelle's favorite meals, Turkey Surprise!  Which is really just turkey fried rice, but it's what my mom always called it growing up so it's what we call it!  Dinner was delicious, and of course served with pink milk (no whipped cream this time:).  Mykee ate every last grain of rice so she could get her dessert.  We sang Happy Birthday and Mykelle took four blows to get all of her candles out!  I loved watching not only how excited she was, but how happy Evan was too.  You can see it on their faces, I love these pictures!

After cake and ice cream we opened presents.  She received the Tangled movie with brushes and a Princess Ariel swim cover-up and goggles from Adam and I (and Evan too).  Skip's gift of a Rapunzel dress with matching slippers was a real hit.  Mykelle immediately had to put it on and dance with her prince!

We then ended her birthday by watching Tangled together before bed.  Mykee was so sweet and happy all day long, I think she had a wonderful day.

She has been a very lucky little girl- she's had two birthdays- she knows today is her birthday and has enjoyed talking with family members on the phone.  Also, Mykee has been sent several cards and packages that she's had a blast opening.  Grandparents Bassett sent a couple Rapunzel books, lots of clothes, and some Dora make-up that Mykee likes to put on daily.

Nanna Anne sent Tinkerbell wrapped  dollhouse furniture (a twins nursery set for her Loving Family house) and a beautiful blue dress that will be so pretty with Mykee's eyes.  Both grandparents also included a lot of Easter stuff, but according to my children, I was a mean mom and put it away to enjoy on Easter (just like I remember being upset with my mother for doing!).

We have no big plans for the rest of Mykelle's day, just FHE and dinner after Adam gets home and the kids wake up from their naps.  For FHE we are taking food to a family in our ward that has had their 5 year old son get hit by a car- I guess he is okay but has a wound on his foot.  It should be a good experience for the kids to do a little service and will be nice to have Adam's Spanish-speaking abilities, the mother does not speak English.