Monday, December 5, 2011

Hugs from Jesus

I just had to write down this conversation I had with Mykelle this morning- it made me cry!

M:  Did we have a Grandma die?
T:  Yes, Grandma Mary died a couple years ago when she got really old.
M:  Why did she die?
T:  Because she got really old and her body stopped working so well, and she died.
M:  Can we still eat when we're old?
T:  Yes, of course!  Grandma May is really old (96) and you see her eating and watching TV and sewing and coming to family parties right?
M:  Is she going to die?
T:  Yes, someday her body won't work so well and she will die.  But she will be happy because-
M:  Because she gets to go to Heaven and be with Jesus!!
T:  Exactly!  She gets to be with all of her old family that's already in Heaven and she gets to be with Jesus and she'll be so happy!
M:  When we die I want to go with you.  I want to hold your hand and run to Jesus and give him a big hug together!!  I will be so happy!

I just hugged her and wiped the tears from my eyes over her head so she couldn't see.  What a tender hearted little girl I have!