Monday, June 20, 2011

Aunt Taryl is Here!

Aunt Taryl flew in last week to spend some time with her favorite niece and nephew (well, they are her fave for this week anyway :).  We have done so much the past few days I don't know where to begin!  It's been fun to have her here and will be so nice to have her help tomorrow when we fly out to Utah.   I haven't blogged for a few days and there's just too much to write, and too much to put off for another day- so here are a TON of pictures, and a few videos:

Adam took the day off Thursday and we went to Shepherd Lake with a picnic-

We still like to act like we are in 2nd grade and match our outfits together :)

Tough guys like pink!

Caterpillar!  We brought him home and he didn't make it... I think the kids might have squished him just a bit too much!

    Father's Day was relaxed.  The kids and I made Adam some french toast with a bit of a twist.  Church was nice.  We had steaks for dinner with the Averys.

Adam said the french toast could have been a little better... but he liked it all the same!  Yeah, that's syrup, cool whip, and sprinkles on french toast.  YUM!

The kids were excited for Adam to share his present

Look at these handsome men!  The Primary gave Dads and Dads to be the bow tie M&Ms- They were a hit!
Evan shoving a large pebble up his nose...

Today we went to the Land of Make Believe.  We all loved it!  It was fun to see the kids big enough and old enough to go on the rides and have a good time.  We did the rides in the morning, had a picnic, and went to the waterpark for the afternoon.  So fun!

The Black Forest Maze

Santa's Barn
Santa in June!  Mykee asked for presents
Talking scarecrows- Mykelle was too scared to talk with them!
In addition to seeing Santa, we were able to go through a haunted house.  I wondered why they didn't also have an Easter bunny? 

So scared!

Evan LOVED the free-fall ride!  I was worried he'd be scared- because I was scared!  And Mykee refused to even go on it!  But look at his face- he was laughing the whole time!  Tough boy

No hands!  Makes me proud :)

It's blurry but it was mid-ride!  Glad the kids liked it, because this ride hurt and I did NOT like it!

Pirate's Cove- Our first few minutes and a little girl dumped a bucket full of water on our heads!  Made Evan bawl! 

Love this pic!  Mykee took that boy DOWN!  :) 
She wasn't very good at staying upright...

The kids were very scared to go down the tunnel rides so we forced them.  Which usually doesn't work, but I figured with my kids and waterslides it would be fine- and it was!  Before we even got off of the tube they were asking to go again!

This ride was so scary!  

This little girl kept following Mykee around and Mykee kept running away!

Expressions of Evan:

Me:  Evan, do you want bum cream to make your bum feel better?

Evan:  Yes.  And powder, and sandwich, and syrup.

Mykee Moments:

Me:  Do you want me or Daddy to make you a PB&J?  

Mykee:  Daddy.   Because your cooking is not as good as Daddy's.