Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NY & Broadway!

We have been really fortunate to have family out this past month in March and will be having family again this month!  In addition to Taryl last month we also had Adam's mom Anne and his sister and her husband, Stephanie and Andy, come stay with us.  We really enjoyed having them here to see our new place and enjoy all the room we have now!  Sleeping arrangements got a little crazy the first night before Taryl went home so we had four extra people sleeping here but we worked it out with some sacrifice on Adam's part and two inflatable mattresses :)  

I felt bad I was a little off for the first half of the in-law's visit because of the chemo I'd had before they came, but they were great!  They all pitched in with cooking, cleaning, and getting up with the kids so I could rest!  By Wednesday night I was ready to go out to a Broadway show, "Seminar," and we took a trip into the city the next day.  Though we almost missed it because of traffic and having to RUN to the theater, "Seminar" was hilarious and we loved our dinner afterward at John's Pizzeria (if you haven't been there, take a look at the link- we sat at the bottom of those stairs in what used to be an old church... such a cool atmosphere and SO delicious!).  

Heading to the show!
The next day we went into the city to take the kids to Central Park and Time's Square.  Adam and I didn't want to do the touristy thing too much because we'd have two little ones with us so we limited ourselves to the two things- and glad we did since we ended up spending all day!  The kids loved Central Park and all the lights of TS but were most excited about Toys 'R Us and the Disney Store :)

But before we left to the city we had some major drama... Mykelle was getting dressed when she started crying and complaining of an "owie" on her side!  Yeah, she has experienced her 2nd tick since moving to NJ!  Fortunately the little bugger was only attached for under 24 hours so we were able to pry him off without too much of a risk of lyme.  But that didn't mean Mykelle was going to take it well!  She screamed during the extraction process, a good 10 minutes or so!  Eventually we made it to the city and had a good time- she all but forgot about the traumatic experience!

Isn't that GROSS????

The kids loved climbing the rocks in Central Park- we ate hot dogs and spent over an hour just enjoying the great weather near 80 degrees! 
Balto Statue

Mykee just HAD to get a shot of her in front of the blooming Magnolia trees
We took an awesome ride through the park on a bicycle cab with Muhammad.  He probably weighed 90 lbs and was sweating up a storm biking us through the park!  It was really fun and he was a fun tour guide.  

Mykee and Evan loved the Subway rides
Times Square and as Mykee puts it, "The REAL Hello Kitty!!"
The REAL Minnie Mouse!!
Having to TIP the real Minnie Mouse
Heaven at Toys 'R Us
Aunt Stephy and Mykee in Wonka Land- really cool by the way- every kind of Wonka candy you can imagine!
The "Candy Land" was decorated like the game but had all sorts of awesome candy I remembered from childhood.  Made me think of my brothers and all the junk we used to buy at the Cracker Barrel or John's Place by Providence Elementary :)
Isn't that a sad little girl??  She's hugging the dresses at the Disney Store because she wanted to take one home!

Mykelle and Nanna- Anne kept trying to get a shot of Mykelle coloring in the Disney Store but she kept looking up at the big screen to watch the Disney songs playing. 
Two peas in a pod!
The end of a long day in the city

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

The silly Leprechaun made a mess of the dining room on St. Patrick's Day!
He also left lots of toys and a pot of chocolate gold!

Those are tattoos on their faces

Mykelle and Evan had a few chocolate coins before having a big breakfast with all the family here- Nanna, Aunt Stephy, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Taryl.  We had green milk, green waffles, and green eggs.  It looked awful, but was delicious!  For days afterward any time Evan saw something out of place he'd comment on the "Silly Leprechaun" that moved things around!

Taryl's NJ Visit

I know, I have taken forever just to finish Taryl's trip to NJ!  I loved having her here for the chemo visit and for just a time to hang out and relax.  She is so good with Mykelle and Evan too, and they LOVE their Aunt Taryl!!
Taryl and I went to Portray Salon to get our hair cut.  She decided to donate hers to Locks of Love!!  As you can see, she had plenty to give and it looked awesome after!
Can you believe she let me chop the braid??
I don't get embarrassed easily, but I am actually embarrassed to put these photos in here!  But it's been a long-standing tradition for us to throw away a few bucks every time we get together to get some SWEET memories in a photo booth!  I look like Jake in the last one and Taryl... is beautiful in every one!
The kids watching me get my hair washed at the salon.
We made a special trip into the city just to see the 9/11 Memorial.  We were there together 7 years ago in 2004 so it was fun to be there together again with so much changed. 
Taking the PATH train from Hoboken into the city...  Yes, it accurately depicts how confused we were!!  I blame it on Adam... He told us the weekday schedule but we went on a Saturday!!  But we only got on one wrong train and had it all fixed with the help of a nice conductor.  :)
Makes me think of the "perspective" shots we did in high school photo class
The new pools at the memorial are pretty cool to see with all the names of people etched around them. 

2004 Visit- Getting a shot in front of the last standing beam

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Playing at the Park with Aunt Taryl

The weather here has been WONDERFUL!!  This was a 70+ degree day!  We played at the park in the morning and I was amazed to see that Mykelle has finally picked up how to pump herself on the swing!! I think it's the new house and the porch swing in the back- she was so proud of herself!  

Evan is still learning, but was happy to be pushed by Mommy!

Taryl messing with her new camera- I look like an alien.  From John Carter- did you see that movie??  Very entertaining :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Gift of a Disney Cruise!

The other day we made Disney Mickey/Minnie Mouse pancakes for the kids!  We had some delicious blueberries that needed to be eaten so we threw them in some pancakes with a bit of whipped cream on top.  Mykelle and Evan love blueberries, and they love Disney, so it was a great combination!  Aside from Evan crying when his "smile" melted from the hot pancakes :)

Both Adam and I and the kids have been ecstatic planning for a DISNEY CRUISE that Papa Skip is taking us on in April!!  We are fortunate to have a Father-In-Law/Papa/Dad who has been wanting to take us on a family trip for years!  Skip first mentioned the possibility a couple years ago, but his ongoing health issues, my recent ones, and the correct timing just never seemed to work out.  Then we caught a break... Skip's health tests came back great and my doc said if we could schedule a trip around my chemo then to do it before the possible transplant!!  So we're going!  Thank you Skip!!!  We can't wait!!  Mykelle is especially excited to meet the "REAL" Disney Princesses on her 5th birthday in April :)

Mykelle felt like Rapunzel with the gold ribbon in her hair!

Evan with his "handsome prince" smile on and favorite snowman jammies.