Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day and My New GF

All About My Mom
by Mykelle
My mom is 30 years old.
My mom weighs 30 pounds.
My mom's favorite color is blue.
My mom's favorite food is broccoli. 
My mom always says, "I love you."
My mom cooks the best eggs.
My mom's job is going to the store and buying groceries. 
My mom laughs when I do fun stuff
If my mom had time, she would love to play with me
My mom and I like to hug and kiss
My mom really loves hugs
I LOVE my mom because I love her too.  

All About My Mom
by Evan
My mom is 7, 31 years old.
My mom weighs 78963 pounds.
My mom's favorite color is all the colors
My mom's favorite food is oranges and bananas
My mom always says, "Darn it!"
My mom cooks the best eggs and bananas
My mom's job is washing dishes
My mom laughs when she tickles me
If my mom had time, she would love to wash the clothes
My mom and I like to hug and go outside apple picking
My mom really loves apple picking
I LOVE my mom because she lets me do the Disney Cruise

Mother's Day was a nice one for me- Adam and the kids made me breakfast in bed: french toast strips, eggs, and strawberries.  Mykelle picked out a bouquet of flowers for me and helped put together my present- some Coke Zero, gummy worms, a movie, and a blog book certificate!  In the evening we went over to the Avery's and had a good dinner with them.  

The best part of the day was the kids being so excited about breakfast and giving me their cards.  They've never been allowed to eat in bed, let alone in Mom and Dad's bed!  And their cards were so sweet, the looks on their faces were priceless.   

Check out my new necklace-

My idol Dr. Laura sent me the necklace she made herself after I called in to her program to ask her a question.  Isn't she sweet?  I wish I could truly say she is my new friend in a closer sense of the term but I'll take a phone conversation and a few emails back and forth :)  Love the necklace!

While I'm showing off new things... did you see my newly painted dining room yet??  I came home from the Utah trip and Adam had painted for me!  He had to have put in so many hours painting both the room and my little blue table.  What a husband huh?  I love that he did it without my knowing and that he knew what colors I'd been thinking of!  

The table is a 1930's buffet table our landlady left us and said we could paint.  I LOVE it!  
Mykelle making "carpet angels"
I just have to share this part of Mykelle's prayer yesterday, it made me laugh out loud!  She is always saying things similar to this:  "Please bless everyone on Earth to be super duper good for you Jesus, so they can live with you again and I can meet new people."

Mykelle was able to celebrate her birthday on the cruise but I thought I'd post a pic of the "cake" we gave her before we left for the trip.  Since we were opening presents we had to have candles and cake too!
I was tucking in Evan tonight and this is how our conversation went:

E:  Why is my voice different?  And why is your voice and Daddy's voice and Mykelle's voice and my voice different?
Me:  We all have different voices because of our voice boxes in our throats that-
E:   We have a BOX in our throats?!
Me:  Yes, it's called a voice box that has vocal chords in it.  It's how the sounds of our voices are made and we all have them in our throats.
(Several back and forth comments about boxes, chords, and voice sounds, then suddenly-)
E:  Why can't I see Jesus??
Me:  Well, you've seen a picture of what Jesus looks like right?  Why don't we close our eyes and think of what he looks like-
E:  Is he wearing pants?
Me:  Uh... Maybe, yes.  And he has dark hair and nice happy eyes with a loving smile...
E:  What color is his shirt?
Me:  Dark.
E:  Where does he keep his other shirts?  In Heaven?
Me:  If he needs a new shirt, yes, but maybe he doesn't need one because he's in Heaven.
(And in walks Daddy to tuck him in and the conversation is over!)

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